Active table in memory?

read-worksheet-resultsWhat is this green worksheet with the message “ANALYTICS EDGE – active table in memory…”? When you are editing a query or stepping through an Analytics Edge macro, a green worksheet will appear (AE Step Results). This temporary worksheet shows you what it is currently in memory — the results of the last function step — before you formally write it out to a worksheet.

Why does it do this?

The Standard and Core Add-ins use a series of wizard-based functions to read and process your data. For example, you could download data in the first step, then filter it, then pivot it to get a trend, then sort it, and finally write the results to a specific location on your report worksheet.

When you are developing or editing a quick query or macro, you need to see the results of the query before you select a function, so Analytics Edge creates a new, temporary worksheet and displays the data to you.

It also highlights the data in green to make it distinctive, and will remove the worksheet when you write your result out to another worksheet. You don’t have to worry about it — the add-in will take care of everything for you.

Note that the green worksheet may not contain all of the rows and/or columns of the actual data. This is done to keep things fast, and because Analytics Edge can actually process more data that Excel can handle. To see all of the results, use the Write Worksheet wizard to write it all into to your workbook.