Multi-View Google Analytics Queries

The Analytics Edge connector Google Analytics Pro supports multiple view queries when used in combination with The Analytics Edge Core Add-in.

Get a List of Views

Start by getting a list of view ids. For example, to get the view ids available for a specific Google Analytics account, you can use a Google Analytics Pro > Management Lists query.


Note: you can use the Table > Filter function to remove any entries you do not want.

Alternative: load the list from a worksheet using the File > Read Worksheet function.


Note the Column Name

Pay special attention to the name of the column containing the view ids. The Core Add-in can use this column name as a source for the query — just enter it with square brackets around it, like [webProperties/profiles/id], instead of a cell reference value.

Continue to build your query. When it is run, The Google Analytics Pro connector will add 2 new columns to the results: the View ID and the View Name.


Save Your Results

Remember to save the result to your workbook using the File – Write Worksheet function, or continue working with the data using the many other Core Add-in capabilities.