P25 and P75 Aggregations

With the release of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in v10.0.6, the Combine, Duplicates, Lookup, Pivot, Subtotal and Total functions have new “P25” and “P75” aggregations options.

These options are similar to the “Median”, which is the value that is greater than 1/2 of your dataset, and less than the other half. The P25 value is greater than 25% of your data, and the P75 is greater than 75% of your data.

For example, If I calculate the P75 value for a column of data, then sort that column, the P75 value is greater than 75% of the numbers in the column.

The example dataset contains 340 numbers, ranging from 0 to ~0.817 and the P75 value is greater than 256 of them.

256 / 340 = 0.75  (75%)

If you are curious how the sample was created, I used the Total function (shown below) to create a P75 aggregate of all the rows named ‘P75’, placed at the top of the table. Then I added a Sort function to sort by that column.

No coding, no formulas, finished in seconds using Analytics Edge.