Analytics Without Programming

Avoid complex Excel formulas; Analytics Edge lets you build reports in Excel without complicated formulas or programming. Using a simple wizard interface, this small Excel add-in lets you combine, calculate, split, pivot, sort, filter and much more. Try it yourself and see how easy it is!


Analytics Edge wizards let you build reports without programming

Simple Sequences

The wizards perform single functions that you combine to perform the analysis you need. They work the way you think: import the file, then filter, then pivot, then sort, then put the results into my report worksheet. There is no need to create intermediate calculation worksheets or to make formulas that reference formulas that reference formulas. You get to the results faster and with less effort. Download, install, save time.

90% of complex spreadsheets have errors (Coopers & Lybrand study)

Simple Functions

The wizards make it easy to do things that are hard to find in Excel, like fill in the missing dates in a pivot table, or calculate a rolling 7-day average. Powerful features you would use every day, but without the complexity. Stop wasting time searching for Excel solutions and stay focused on your task. Learn more about Analytics Edge function wizards.


Analytics Edge lets you stop searching for Excel solutions

run-macroSimple Refreshes

All the wizard steps are recorded automatically and you can easily replay the sequence at any time. Build your report, and run the saved macro to refresh it. No more manual importing, copying, calculating. No need to remember all the little steps you took, or worry about forgetting something. Try it with your own report!

Simple Modifications

When things change (and they always do), you can easily step through the macro and edit any step. Insert new functions, rearrange them, you can even copy steps from other reports. Analytics Edge is designed for a dynamic environment. No need to rebuild a workbook full of formulas. We even give away sample workbooks to show how easy it is!

Maintenance typically consumes 40-80% of software costs (Robert L. Glass)

Simple Decision

Analytics Edge will pay for itself in the time you save while refreshing your first report. Add in your ability to perform a faster, better analysis and you will wonder how you could live without it! Priced at only $75/year, your first 30 days are absolutely free! Download your copy now and start saving time!