Sistrix API Query – No Connector Needed

The Sistrix API uses an ‘API Key’ (secret code) to authenticate their API queries; the Analytics Edge Add-in can easily automate your downloads using the ‘Read Text/Web File’ function — no connector required!

One of the commonly overlooked features of the Read Text File function was that it could read web-based files as well. Since it can also parse JSON text, that means it can query any API that is URL-based (uses a simple API key in the URL) and returns a JSON response. The Sistrix API is one such animal. General introduction:

Start by getting your Sistrix API key (see the introduction document linked above), and then decide which type of query you want to make. Sistrix has a series of ‘methods’ that can be called, and each method usually has a series of query parameters. The general syntax of a query would be like this:[method]?[query]&format=json&api_key=[APIkey]

When you specify the output format as JSON, specify the top node of the response ‘answer’.