Sending Excel Reports To Clients

Many analysts, consultants and agencies use Excel to create reports for their clients because it allows them to deliver a unique solution, tailored to the client’s needs. By using Analytics Edge to generate and automate the report refresh, the monthly process becomes a lot easier and doesn’t require any changes to the client’s environment.

clients1No Special File Handling

Analytics Edge works with standard Excel workbook files (XLS or XLSX); it does not require the special macro-enabled formats (XLSM) that are typically used in automation solutions and require special handling. If the client does not have Analytics Edge installed, there is no sign of it. Only you can see it when you open a workbook in Excel with the add-in installed. Only you know how the report was created. Only you know how little effort goes into an update.

clients2No Credentials In The File

Analytics Edge connectors store account credentials on your computer, not in the workbook. There is no risk of your account credentials being compromised from a widely distributed report. This also means that refreshes are only possible from your computer, ensuring the client comes back to you for updates.

clients3Easily Modified Automation

Studies have shown that software changes typically consume 40 to 80 percent of software life cycle costs, and your reports are no different. Change requests from the client, or changes forced on you by varying data feeds can create a significant amount of work from a skilled developer. Analytics Edge reduces the effort considerably, with the built-in step-by-step debugger and wizard-driven functions that make problem sources easily found and just as easily corrected.

Designed For Real Life

ae-square-logo-90x90The Analytics Edge add-in for Microsoft Excel was designed to help people to build and maintain spreadsheet reports that get shared with others. Quick, simple wizards make it easier to create the report. Automatically recorded macros make refreshing them almost no effort. The ability to step through and interactively edit the macro makes it just as easy to make modifications when the need arises. Simple Excel automation with Analytics Edge.

Update: Automatically Send PDF or Workbook Files via Email

With release 2.3 of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, you can now save your report as a PDF file and send it via email automatically! The included scheduled refresh capability means it can all happen overnight, freeing up your day for more meaningful work.