!Error Message FAQ

When Analytics Edge encounters an error that it can’t handle automatically, Quick Queries will stop running and the error message appears in a popup dialog box. If you are running a macro, the message appears as a red bar in the Task Pane. If the message is too long, you can click the red bar, and the full text will appear in a popup.

If the error is not something you did wrong in your query or macro, check to see if there is an update available that fixes or avoids the error. Check the list on the right to see if there is additional guidance for dealing with the specific error you obtained. If not, contact support for assistance.

401 authError Authorization

This API error indicates that the security token for the account you are using has failed. Normally the security tokens are auto-renewed, but if you changed the account password or otherwise changed your security settings, the renewal can also fail. More

403 Request had insufficient authentication scopes

This error occurs when you do not select a required authentication item when adding your account for Analytics Edge use. When the login authentication screen opens in your browser, make sure to select (check) all of the boxes offered in the authorization request. In some cases, one or more of the boxes may be unchecked by default (as in the image below). More

503 There was a temporary error

This API error indicates that there was a problem processing your query request. This can occur if you make too many bad queries in a short period of time, or if you use use up your quota for the day. In some cases, it may indicate that the server was too busy to process your request (usually for a very large query). More

Account not found. Check Account wizard

This error usually occurs when you share workbooks with coworkers, or after a computer move or rebuild. Analytics Edge stores a reference to the account in the workbook, but the actual security tokens are stored on your computer.  More

Add-in not licensed / Add-in license failed

This usually appears when the trial Premium license has expired or otherwise has a problem. Open the License wizard to find out what the problem is. If you wanted to use the free license, make sure the Free option is selected. More

Authentication error

This error may indicate that a stored security token has expired and did not auto-renew. Delete the entry in the Account wizard and create a new one using the same reference name (case sensitive). Some Account wizards have a Refresh Login button that will update the selected entry.

Authentication failure

The login credentials or the API key being used have failed. Verify the account or API key and recreate (delete and add) the account using the Account wizard. More

Bad query combination

A combination of parameters in your query is not accepted by the server. Change the selections and try again.

Excel cannot accept the data as-is

Usually caused by overly long data (text) that is too long for Excel to handle, or trying to start a Formula function column without the ‘=’ sign.

Invalid client data

This error usually occurs when the account security token has expired or you have lost permission to access the specified account. More

Invalid dates

Usually caused by the selection of dates that are not recognized (formatting). Most Analytics Edge connectors will recognize Excel dates in cell references, or a combination of options that defines a range of dates (start+duration or start+end or duration+end).

Confirm that cell references used point to the cells that contain the dates (sometimes worksheet changes move the cell locations).

Invalid/missing dates

This error usually occurs when the cells you referenced in a query have moved or the contents are changed. Analytics Edge connectors offer the ability to use cell references for the dates, but the references can get out of alignment if you add rows or columns in the worksheet, or if you renamed the worksheet. More

Key column missing in current table

The function referenced a column by name or position that does not appear in the data. This is usually caused by a missing column in a query, or a query with no results. More

License error: different computer

Analytics Edge is licensed by computer, so the add-in keeps track of the computer it is licensed for (even the free product is licensed). Sometimes a Windows Update or hardware change will mess up the license, and you will get an error saying “License issued to a different computer”. More

No account specified

This error happens when the query does not specify an account (bad cell reference?), or it uses the Default account setting and you have not saved a default account.

Not licensed

If the add-in or one of the installed connectors does not have a valid license, none of the queries or macros will run. Open the License wizard to see if all of the installed components have a valid license.


This error is usually caused by an expired security token that was saved on your computer. They would normally be auto-refreshed, but sometimes the refresh fails. More

Out Of Memory Exception

This usually happens when dealing with large downloads in combination with large workbooks.  See !Out of Memory for suggestions to reduce the memory requirements.

Unexpected error

This usually happens due to a combination of things that were not expected in the programming, causing a crash. If it occurs repeatedly, contact support for assistance. More