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Misunderstood Metrics: Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate in Google Analytics? Is higher or lower better? What is typical?

Creating an Excel Dashboard Widget

Creating a dashboard in Excel can be quite simple – layout is your challenge

Removing Google Analytics Spam

Finally: a proven working solution with complete filter expressions.

Measuring Time On (Bounce) Page

A technique to measure actual time on page that simplifies reporting.

Email-enabled Monthly PDF Report

Let the Analytics Edge Core Add-in automate your your monthly reporting. This free report can even send PDF versions by email.
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Misunderstood Metrics: Time on Page / Session Duration

Custom reporting in Google Analytics can create some confusing results because the metrics aren’t always what you think they are.
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Demystifying the metrics and improving your analysis


Free workbooks that you can use as-is or modify as needed

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Instructional articles to get the most out of Analytics Edge


Detailed guides to the Analytics Edge function wizards

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Building a Marketing Dashboard

Don’t be afraid of starting with an empty worksheet! Building a professional-looking report in Excel is easy with this simply guide.
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Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel Orientation

Report automation without programming, the Add-in for Excel is designed to make it easier (and a lot faster) to refresh an Excel report.
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