!Error Messages FAQ

When Analytics Edge encounters an error that it can’t handle automatically, the macro or query refresh stops running and the error message appears in the Task Pane or a popup dialog box. If the message is too long for the width of the task pane, you can click the message, and the full text will appear in a popup.

Common Error Messages (2020-04):

!addin license failed or !addin not licensed. This usually appears when the trial Premium license has expired or otherwise has a problem. Open the License wizard to find out what the problem is.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This usually happens when an unexpected value is encountered. Make sure you are running the latest release, verify the settings and values selected in your query.

403 User does not have sufficient permissions for… This error usually appears when the account selected for a query no longer has access to the item referenced (profile, segment, etc). Verify the settings of your query and your access to the item.

400 Selected dimensions and metrics cannot be queried together. Although Analytics Edge attempts to show only valid combinations of columns or fields, the various APIs have a number of restrictions. Simplify your query until the error goes away, then add selections back one at a time to discover which one is not allowed.

Invalid/missing dates. Usually caused by referencing a cell that does not contain a proper date, or it contains a text representation that is not recognized (2016-10-31 is the recognized format). Note that some connectors (e.g. Google Search) are restricted by the API in the dates that can be queried (e.g. past 90 days).

Other Errors

Account not found. Check Account wizard. Account credentials are stored on your computer, not in the workbook. If the account was created on a different computer, it must be created on yours with exactly the same reference name for you to be able to refresh the workbook. more…

Are you editing a cell? This message appears if Analytics Edge is attempting to write to a worksheet and encounters an error. #1 Usually it is because you are currently editing a cell in Excel. Press the ESC key to get out of edit mode, and run the macro again. #2 if you have selected multiple worksheet tabs, the word ‘[GROUP]’ will appear in the title bar.  Select a single worksheet to get out of that mode.

Authentication error. This error may indicate that the stored user token has expired and cannot auto-renew. Delete the entry in the Account wizard and create a new one using the same reference name (case sensitive).

Bad query combination. The combination of parameters in your query is not accepted by the server. Change the settings and try again.

Cannot clear worksheet range. This message appears if a WriteToWorksheet function (Core Add-in) is trying to write to a worksheet range that contains merged cells.  Analytics Edge tries to clear the range but can’t because Excel handles merged cells as a unit. Make sure that there is a clear row and column delineating the range you are targeting — the function tries to clear down to the first empty row and across to the first empty column.

Cannot find link on page. [Webmaster Tools] The server was supposed to provide a link to the results, but none was found. Try it again, and confirm the account login and password is still valid..

Unexpected error or
 This usually happens when a combination of things happen that were not expected in the programming, causing a crash. UPDATE TO THE LATEST RELEASE: when problems occur, patches are posted quickly, so try the latest release and the problem may go away!  If not, please post a bug note in the support forum telling me what you did so I can track it down and correct it.

Excel cannot accept the data as-is. Usually caused by overly long data (text) that is too long for Excel to handle, or trying to start a Formula function column without the ‘=’ sign.

Exception from HRESULT: 0x… or
Object reference not set to an instance of an object: This usually happens when a combination of things happen that were not expected in the programming, causing a crash. Look for missing information in your query; make sure you have a valid workbook open and are not attempting to read or write to non-existent locations. Sometimes upgrading to the latest release will correct this problem; if not, please inform support.

Invalid dates. Usually caused by the selection of dates that are not recognized (formatting). Most Analytics Edge connectors will recognize Excel dates in cell references, or a combination of options that defines a range of dates (start+duration or start+end or duration+end).

InvalidParameter ids. [Google Analytics] Usually appears when making a query where the view ID specified is not properly entered, or a cell reference has moved, or the account is no longer accessible to you.

Key column missing in current table. The function referenced a column that does not appear in the data. This is usually caused by a missing column in a query. Use the Arrange (By Name) function immediately after a query to force specific columns to be created if the query does not include them.

License issued to a different computer. A Windows update or reinstallation will cause the Analytics Edge license check to fail. Usually attempting to reactive the same license code will update the license. If that does not work, notify support to get it fixed.

Missing column {name}. The Arrange function has an option to stop the macro if a specified column is missing. As the macro was running, that column was not in the data.

Must select a valid view. [Google Analytics] this can be caused by a cell reference to an invalid view ID.

No account specified. The macro does not specify an account, or it uses the Default account setting and you have not saved a default account.

Not licensed. If the add-in or one of the installed connectors does not have a valid license, none of the macros will run. Open the Check License wizard to see if all of the installed components have a valid license.

oauth_token_invalid. This error is usually caused by an expired security token that was saved on your computer. They would normally be auto-refreshed, but sometimes the refresh fails. To correct the situation, open the Accounts wizard for the connector in use, select the account reference name causing the problem, then Delete it and Add it back in (exact same reference name).  Some Account wizards have a Refresh button to make the process easier.

redirect_uri_mismatch. [Google Analytics] This appears when trying to login with out-of-date Google Analytics connectors. Update to the latest release to fix it.

Unknown dimension(s): ga:dimension#. [Google Analytics] you do not have the specific custom dimension (or metric) defined in your account.

User does not have sufficient permissions for this profile. [Google Analytics] check to see if the query references the Default Account, and the selected default has changed to a login that cannot access that profile.

Writing to Worksheet. this is usually caused by trying to write to a worksheet that contains merged cells.

Connector Error Codes

The connectors make internet calls to various API servers, which may respond with an error code. The common error codes are listed below with typical causes:

400 and/or Bad Request or
invalidParameter or
Either JSON was malformed or there was a data validation error
 The response from the server was not what was expected. Check your query and account credentials.

401 or authError Authorization or
Authentication failure. The login credentials or the API key being used have failed. Verify the API key and recreate (delete and add) the account using the Account wizard. Some APIs (like Moz) are time-sensitive, and your computer date/time MUST be accurate within 5 minutes.

403 and/or Forbidden. The login credentials or the API key being used have failed to provide access to the account configured in the query. Verify that the query is specifying the account you want and that the login credentials actually have access to that account.

Daily Limit Exceeded or dailyLimitExceeded or 
Quota errorAlthough Analytics Edge does not have any query limits, the various API services do. What may appear as a single query in Analytics Edge may actually be many queries to the API service to get all of the data you requested.

404 and/or Item not found. The query failed completely. Check the query parameters being used, such as the campaign id, or web property,

407 and/or Proxy Authentication Required. Your network environment includes a web proxy server. Configure the proxy account and/or password through Microsoft Internet Explorer — Analytics Edge uses those proxy settings automatically.

429 and/or Too many requests, RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED, or Quota exceeded. You have made too many queries and the API server itself has limited you from making more. This is not an Analytics Edge limit – it is an API limit. You may get this error if you are making requests for lots of data with the minimize sampling option enabled, especially when using large date ranges and Date (daily) reporting. Quotas are usually reset daily, some are hourly. With Google Analytics, there is an additional limit to be aware of: too many requests with errors — try too many (10) queries that fail for some reason, and the API will lock you out for an hour.

500 and/or Internal error. This indicates a problem with the server, but it could be that the query parameters created an unacceptable query. Check the query, and try again later.

502 and/or Bad Gateway. More than  one server is involved with your query, and one of them has failed to respond properly. Check your query and account credentials, or try again later.

503 and/or Service unavailable or
There was a temporary error. The server is currently unable to respond properly. Try again later.

504 and/or Gateway timeout. The server could not fulfill the query in the allotted time and has given up. It is likely that the server is overloaded; try again later.