!Error Messages FAQ

When Analytics Edge encounters an error that it can’t handle automatically, the macro or query refresh stops running and the error message appears in the Task Pane or a popup dialog box. If the message is too long for the width of the task pane, you can click the message, and the full text will appear in a popup.

See Errors for a full listing of errors and actions.

Common Error Messages (2020-09):

!addin license failed or !addin not licensed. This usually appears when the trial Premium license has expired or otherwise has a problem. Open the License wizard to find out what the problem is.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This usually happens when an unexpected value is encountered. Make sure you are running the latest release, verify the settings and values selected in your query. Notify support.

Error 403. This error usually appears when the account does not have access required. When adding an account, make sure to select ALL permissions requested. Verify the settings of your query and that your account still has access to the item.

400 Selected dimensions and metrics cannot be queried together. Although Analytics Edge attempts to show only valid combinations of columns or fields, the various APIs have a number of restrictions. Simplify your query until the error goes away, then add selections back one at a time to discover which one is not allowed.

Invalid/missing dates. Usually caused by referencing a cell that does not contain a proper date, or it contains a text representation that is not recognized (2016-10-31 is the recognized format). Note that some connectors (e.g. Google Search) are restricted by the API in the dates that can be queried (e.g. past 90 days).