Uninstall Analytics Edge

Uninstalling Analytics Edge Add-ins

While it may sound a little backwards, the first thing you should do to uninstall Analytics Edge from your computer is to download and install the latest release of the add-in you already have installed — the latest release includes new features that make the process easier.  Download

Once you have the latest version, open the License wizard – in Excel, go to the Analytics Edge ribbon, and find the button: it will be labelled “License <state>”  where the <state> could be EXPIRED, # Days, UPDATE or blank.

At the top of the License wizard, navigate to the Uninstall tab.

Delete Connector Files

Start by Deleting the Connector Files [READ THE CAUTION NOTE].  You will need to restart Excel to complete the process since some of the connector files are in use while Excel is open.

Restart Excel to complete the removal of the connectors. Answer Yes if you are asked to remove all previous versions of the connectors.

Note that individual login account information can be removed for a single connector using the Accounts wizard in the connector itself; the Delete Connector Files button removes all account information. Note: Analytics Edge does not store any account or query information on its servers. It exists only on your computer.

Delete Licenses

The next step is to delete all saved licenses by clicking the Delete Licenses button. Note that Analytics Edge licensing is server-based, so deleting your saved licenses will not reset a 30-day trial period but it will remove your copy. License keys can only be used once, so if you need a license reset, contact support@analyticsedge.com

Uninstall the Add-in

To remove the add-in itself, close Excel, then go to [Windows 7: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program] / [Windows 10: Windows > Settings > System > Apps & features], select the Analytics Edge Add-in from the list; and click Uninstall.