Uninstall Analytics Edge

Uninstalling Analytics Edge Add-ins

2019-08-01 The Analytics Edge Add-in installers have recently changed. If you experience problems with installing or uninstalling them, please contact support@analyticsedge.com — Mike Sullivan

Step 1 Reboot: To uninstall an Analytics Edge Add-in, start by rebooting your computer to clear any background Excel processes.

Step 2 Apps Uninstall: DO NOT START EXCEL. Go to Windows Setting > Apps, and find the Analytics Edge Add-in you want to install in the list. Select it and click Uninstall.

Step 3 Fixing Excel: When you start Excel, you may get a warning message that it could not find a file for the add-in you uninstalled:

Go to Excel’s File menu > Options >Add-ins and then click the button at the bottom:

Then try to check and uncheck the add-in referenced in the error message. Excel should complain that the file no longer exists and it will remove the entry — click Yes.

Step 4 Confirm: Restart Excel to confirm you have removed the add-in and references to it. You should get no error messages and no Analytics Edge ribbon should appear.

OPTIONAL manual removal: if your installation continues to cause problems, open File Manager and go to the folder %appdata% (type that into the address bar):

Then navigate to the Microsoft > Addins folder and delete the AnalyticsEdge* and ae* files you find there. Note that if Windows complains about not being able to delete a file, you may need to reboot your computer to clear a file lock first, then immediately return to this folder to delete the file.

After removing these files, you may still need to perform Step 3 above for Excel to ‘forget’ about them.