!Change Log – Desktop App

The latest release is always available from the Download page.

Version (2024-06-09)

  • Google Ads: updated to v17 API (adds campaign aggregate asset view and channel aggregate asset view)
  • fixed note functionality in several wizards (adds comment to macro entry in task pane)

Version (2024-06-07)

  • Constant Contact: NEW added connector with V3 API support and new functions (Accounts, Account Information, Campaign Reports, Campaigns, Contacts)
  • Fixed some misbehaving cell reference buttons in several connectors (Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics) and function wizards (Read Google Sheets, Write Google Sheets

Version (2025-05-31)

  • Facebook Ads: updated to API v20; fixed a problem when deleting accounts; fixed a problem when using ad account id cell references
  • Google Ads: updated to API v16; added autoretry when API return null response;
  • Google Analytics: changed filter indenting to make filter priority more obvious; made filter list boxes bigger in wizards; fixed a problem with duplicate filter expressions
  • LinkedIn Ads: updated to API v202405; added impression device and placement name dimensions, qualified lead metrics
  • Filter, RunMacro, QuickFunctions: changed filter expression indenting to clarify priority

Version (2024-05-13)

  • fixed a build problem causing a Syncfusion license warning

Version 1.19.0 (2024-05-10)

  • Facebook Ads: fixed Ads Listing when referencing cell for account and ad account
  • Facebook Ads: added ability to query per campaign, or query per ad set, to avoid 500 internal error caused by asking for too much in a single query
  • Google Analytics: now automatically updates to new fields when editing queries (e.g. conversion -> keyEvents)
  • Google Analytics: fixed multi-property queries when referencing a worksheet [range]

Version 1.18.6 (2024-04-27)

  • fixed start and end date editing problems with several connector wizards
  • Google Business Profile: fixed Last 6 Months selection; fixed search terms editing problems

Version 1.18.5 (2024-04-22)

  • Facebook Ads: fixed filtering on campaign/ad set/ad names
  • Google Ads: filtering on text filed now auto-wraps expression in single quotes as required
  • Google Ads: fixed some error handling problems
  • LinkedIn Ads: updated to latest API
  • improved Facebook login stability; enabled retry of Code login
  • added SMTP back into Save to Workbook/PDF functions
  • Convert: fixed date->text with ISO Year and ISO Week conversions
  • Filter/Run…If…: fixed And/Or missing on second filter added

Version 1.18.0 (2024-03-28)

  • cleaned up help references
  • Bing Webmaster: reports wizard updated for consistency with other connectors
  • Google Search: fixed date comparison options for difference and % changed

Version 1.17.0 (2024-03-24)

  • Google Search: fixed country filtering
  • Fixed a variety of user interface quirks in selected fields, filter rules and sort rules list boxes
  • Fixed several account wizards not properly closing
  • License wizard: fixed licensing problems with Microsoft Ads connector
  • Google Analytics – GA4 Report: added Minimize Sampling option
  • Google Analytics – Realtime Report: fixed filter and sort options, field names
  • fixed a problem where caching prevented downloading of the latest release
  • Replace function: fixed a problem for [range name] usage in find or replace text field
  • fixed a problem where some text in wizards was obfuscated (made meaningless)

Version 1.15.0 (2024-03-07)

  • Microsoft Ads: fixed problem refreshing security tokens
  • fixed a problem where wizard Cancel buttons don’t work
  • added ability to type-to-filter in many dropdown controls
  • fixed a problem where dropdowns may not close when selection clicked
  • Google Ads: fixed a problem where opening the wizard crashed
  • faster wizard opening
  • Google Business Profile: consolidated single/multiple metric functions into single Performance Report function
  • fixed a problem selecting macros in the Task Pane

Version 1.14.0 (2024-03-05)

  • Added Google Business Profile connector (early release – contact support for access)
  • cleaned up login functionality in many connector wizards
  • cleaned up multithreading problems in several wizard Fields panels
  • Google Ads: fixed a pagination problem; fixed sort panel problems
  • Google Analytics: now reports sampling metrics in Status log after each query
  • SaveToPdf/Workbook: proeprly offer Microsoft Email and Gmail account options
  • Read/Write To Google Sheets: properly offer Google account options
  • License/About: migrated to popup window identical to the Add-in
  • Accounts: migrated to popup window identical to the Add-in
  • License: added Update section to simplify updates
  • Fixed stability problem affecting several wizard and connectors
  • Microsoft Ads: improved login experience for multi-account users
  • Fixed problems with several connectors when modifying selected fields

Version 1.12.1 (2024-02-22)

  • fixed problem with Append to Worksheet function
  • fixed a problem where debug sheet did not show last row of data

Known Issues:

  • On MacOS: pressing Enter in popup dialogs (new macro name, file name, etc) ignores the text entered; WORKAROUND: click the OK button instead

Previously in v1.12.0 and earlier

  • updated Microsoft Ads and Microsoft Email logins to permit specifying an alternative email address to log into (other that the default that the browser remembers)
  • improved error handling in Read/Write Google Sheets wizard
  • added Date Comparison capability to the GA4 Reports query
  • fixed problems with Read/Write Google Sheets wizards
  • fixed a problem where wizards sometimes open empty
  • fixed problems licensing and logging in with the Microsoft Ads connector
  • Fixed a problem with scheduling a workbook refresh
  • Fixed a problem with updates not picking up new metadata files
  • added Facebook Ads connector
  • fixed a problem with updates not picking up new metadata files
  • Microsoft Ads: fixed Budget report
  • Google Ads: fixed cache file location
  • LInkedIn Ads: updated to 202402 API; limited to 1000 rows due to bug in API
  • removed Google BigQuery connector early access warnings
  • Google Ads connector now automatically handles multiple assets in reports (as multiple rows)
  • added new Google Big Query connector (early release)
  • added filter expression copy button to GA4 Report wizard
  • fixed a problem for grandfathered Basic add-in licenses
  • fixed the expiry date display for the Add-in in the Licnese wizard
  • fixed a problem with the Step Results sheet not properly displaying during Quick Query
  • properly handle large Google Analytics account listings
  • new function Google Analytics > GA4 Realtime query
  • fixed the refresh selected queries dialog
  • fixed Google Search > Search Analytics query with cell reference for date end
  • fixed problems with multiple connectors when adding new accounts
  • fixed multiple connectors not handling cell reference values properly when editing query
  • Google Ads connector now rebuilds account in-memory cache if Excel is restarted
  • fixed problem editing Google Ads queries
  • updated Google Ads to v15 API with latest fields; may affect how assets are reported
  • added to Quick Filter > Arrange function the ability to convert MultiColumn (-1,-2) to MultiRow similar to full Arrange  function in macros
  • 1.6.1 fixes a problem affecting startup for new installations
  • cleaned up Google Sheets folder navigation in Read Google Sheets and Write Google Sheets functions
  • fixed configuration folder handling for non-typical installations
  • added split by semicolon option to Web Request function
  • added functions Read Google Sheet and Write Google Sheet
  • fixed startup crash
  • fixed blank Step Results sheet problem