Table Name

This Analytics Edge wizard lets you save the current table, and switch back to it or reference it later in the macro. It can also assign Analytics Edge range names to all the columns.

Assign Name to Current Table – This allows you to lock the current table in memory and assign it a name for reference later in the macro. It is typically used with one of the comparison or combination functions (AppendCombineCompareMatchUpdate).

Switch to Named Table – This allows you to switch the focus to a previously named table (as above). It is typically used to go back to an intermediate point in a macro and perform a different analysis on the same source data, such as calculating percentage growth and then calculating difference.

Assign Range Names – Analytics Edge can sometimes use defined ranges instead of fixed values. This is typically used to read configuration options or values from a worksheet, and then to customize the analytics based on the values, such as filtering by a date value from a specific cell. Each column in the current table is saved as a range, using the name of the column. (Using Range Names)