This Analytics Edge wizard is used to compare the current table with another, computing the difference between matching rows.

compare-tablesCompare Tables

This option tab replaces the numbers and dates in the table with the calculated comparisons.

Compare to Table – select a worksheet or previously named table from the drop down list.  The worksheet must be in the same workbook, and data must start in cell A1 with a header row. If you want to use a table in memory, use Table Name to create the reference.

Select Key Columns – select columns that will be used to align the two tables together. All values from all selected columns must match for a row to match.

Ignore case – when performing the comparison, match rows even if they have differing upper or lower case letters.

Ignore spaces – when performing the comparison, match rows even if they differ because of different spacing (leading, trailing or within the text).

Handling Matches – where both tables have matching values in the key columns, compare the values of the remaining number and date columns using the selected options.

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compare-columnsCompare Columns

This option is used to create a new column containing the comparison between a specific column in the current table with the reference table.