This Analytics Edge wizard lets you sort the data using specific sorting rules or generically sort all numeric columns.

Sort Specific Columns

Create sorting rules based on specific columns. If two rows are equal in value for the first rule, the next rule is used to determine the order. You can specify as many rules as required.


Column – select a column by column position (column letter) or by Name.

Sort On – select a sorting option to use. For text values,  you have the options for Case sensitive sorting to sort upper and lower case letters differently.

Ascending/Descending – add the rule to sort in ascending or descending order.

When multiple rules exist, they will be executed in order; if there is a tie in the first rule, the second rule is used to determine order.

Sort All Numeric Columns

If your table consists of a series of numeric columns, you can optionally auto-sort all of them, with an emphasis placed on the first or last column, in ascending or descending order.

This is usually done in trend reports, with the highest value in the last period, and equal values ordered by the previous period numbers.

Column Order – choose whether to start sorting on the first (Left Emphasis) numeric column, or the last (Right Emphasis) numeric column.

Sort Order – choose whether to sort ascending (Largest at the bottom) or descending (Largest at the top).