* Analytics Edge Core Add-in

Welcome to the Analytics Edge Core Add-in! Get ready for some simple Excel report automation. Just register the add-in, add an account, and start making your queries!

[2019-12-24 Important Product and Prices Changes Coming — Mike Sullivan]

Purchased a License Key?
Open the License wizard and enter the license key OR open the License wizard and click on the entry, and then enter the license key.


How can I help? The Core Add-in includes confidential email support, even during evaluation.
Email: support@analyticsedge.com


  • Download and install the Core Add-in from the Download page.
  • Your license should automatically activate; if not, click the Register button.
  • If you experience problems with the installer, see the Manual Installation guide.

Core Add-in Operation

  • Select a cell for your query results.
  • Make a query.
  • Optional functions let you modify the results.
  • Select the cell and click Edit Query to change your query.
  • Refresh All refreshes all queries in the workbook, or Schedule them.
  • And much, much more…

Using the Google Analytics Connector

  • Select the target worksheet cell.
  • Add an Account with the Account Wizard.
  • Make your query.

Using the Google Search Connector

  • Select the target worksheet cell.
  • Add an Account with the Account Wizard.
  • Make your query.

Follow a similar process for other connectors.

More videos:
Facebook Page Insights, Bing Webmaster Connector, Moz Connector


Start Excel, navigate to the Analytics Edge ribbon bar, and click the Register button.

Accept the Terms of Use, and click the Activate 30-Day License button.
If you have purchased a license key after the trial expired, you can enter it here.
: Enter your email address to make it easier to reset or transfer your product licenses. More->


Analytics Edge installs the Free Google Analytics and Free Social Shares connectors by default, but you can install and use any of the other Analytics Edge connectors for free for 30 days. Simply open the License wizard fro the Analytics Edge ribbon bar to see the connectors available, click on the one(s) you want, and click InstallMore->


Each connector is a little different, but almost all require that you add an account before you can make a query.  See the connector help documents for details.

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