Google Analytics: WTF is Happening to My Traffic?

googleanalytics-wtfJoe Kelly of Workshop Digital created this custom dashboard to easily analyze what is causing organic search traffic to decline, and I adapted it to work with the free license of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in. Just enter your Google Analytics view ID number and refresh.

The dashboard will help you see:

  • If you’re losing organic visibility in a specific city where you previously dominated
  • If there’s a high probability that top landing pages lost valuable organic positions
  • If the drop in organic traffic is impacting conversion metrics
  • If other traffic sources are down, which can help identify the impact of other marketing channels
  • If the drop in traffic is specific to a device type

Read the original Workshop Digital blog article with a Google Sheets version.

Requires: Analytics Edge Core Add-in (free license) with Google Analytics connector
Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-WTFIsHappeningToMyTrafficDashboard-3-0.xlsx