Google Analytics: Cohort Analysis for Blog Articles

cohort-analysis-for-blog-articlesDo your blog articles peak in popularity as soon as they are published or do they gain attention over time? This free report shows the number of pageviews per month for your most popular blog articles versus the number of months since they were published.

Sometimes called “cohort analysis”, this report lets you compare how various articles perform from the day of the their introduction. Sorted by their peak performance over the past 12 months, the report compares the monthly pageview counts for each article. The included Analytics Edge macro leverages the Google Analytics connector’s ability to minimize data sampling.

The macro is designed to recognize blog articles with year and month numbers in their paths (…/2014/08/…), and is open for easy customization to suit your blog site specifics.

Requires: Analytics Edge Core Add-in with Google Analytics connector
Download the workbook:  GoogleAnalytics-BlogCohortAnalysis-3-0.xlsx

See how this report was built in the companion how-to article.