SEO Results Tracker

See how your content marketing or search optimization efforts have affected traffic to your site with this free Microsoft Excel report. Enter the target phrase and your account and website information, then let the Analytics Edge Core Add-in and Google Search Connector take care of the rest.


The report is made possible by the excel automation capabilities of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Excel. Using a series of wizard-based functions arranged in a ‘macro’, the add-in reads the values of the phrase and previously saved data from the worksheet. It then uses that information to query your Google Search Console account to get the impressions, clicks and average position information. The chart data is then updated with the results.

Download the workbook: GoogleSearch-Phrase-Tracker-4-0.xlsx [updated 2015-10-16]

UPDATE: similar functionality is now available in the Google Search connector v4.0 using a single query with the Basic Add-in: