Google Search: SEO Summary Report

Search Engine Optimization is a changing market. It’s not about keywords, it’s about topics and long-tail in aggregate. This free report summarizes your website’s appearance in search, showing the distribution of the # of keywords, impressions and clicks by position.


The included Analytics Edge macro downloads the last 12 weeks worth of Google Search Analytics data and extracts the data, excluding your branded search terms if desired.

This updated workbook now uses the latest features of the Google Search connector to get 12 weeks of data in one query. It also uses the latest Analytics Edge Add-in capabilities to filter out brand terms using a single regular expression, as well as quickly group the position data with a single function.

Requires: Analytics Edge  Add-in with Google Search connector.
Download the workbook: GoogleSearch-SEOSummaryReport-4-0.xlsx

Configuration: Enter your account and website on the Data worksheet in the highlighted cells, and enter a regular expression to filter out any brand terms in the Filter cell. Click Refresh All to get your data.