Google Analytics: Acquisition – All Traffic

google-analytics-acquisition-all-trafficBased on the standard Acquisition-All Traffic report, this free workbook gives you new perspective into where your website traffic is coming from. Refresh in seconds with Analytics Edge.

With interactive Excel features and conditional formatting, you can easily switch between 9 different dimensions and visualize the top key traffic source segments.

Interactive dimensions include: Source/Medium, Medium, Source, Referral Path, Campaign, Social Network, Landing Page, Visitor Type, and the Count of Sessions (visit frequency). Metrics are presented for easy reading, with rates in percent, and times in hours:minutes:seconds format. The main chart is based on an Excel pivot table, allowing you to filter which items are included.

Requires: Analytics Edge Core Add-in (free license) with Google Analytics connector
Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-AquisitionAllTraffic-4-0.xlsx (Revenue metrics)