This Analytics Edge wizard is used to perform a reverse pivot operation, converting multiple columns of data into two; one with the original column name and the other with the value.

It is typically used to convert a trend report to transactional format for uploading into a database.

Pick Columns – select all of the columns to be unpivoted by position (column letter) or By Name. For every non-blank cell, a row will be created with the column name and cell value.

Column Title for Column Names – enter a name for the column that will hold the column names in the original table.

Column Title for Cell Values – enter a name for the column that will hold the values from the cells in the original table.

ZZZ Last Column – select the special column ZZZ in the list if the data may change over time and you want to include any extra columns to the right of those already selected, should they appear.

Updated for v10.