Replace (old)

This Analytics Edge wizard lets you replace text in selected columns. It supports the usual * and ? wildcard, as well as regular expressions.

It is usually used to clean up data for reporting purposes, and you can use this wizard repeatedly to perform a series of replacements.

Find Text – enter the text or expression you want to replace.

Replace With – enter the text or expression you want to use.

Replace matching characters – this is the simplest form of the function. Characters you enter in the Find Text field will be replaced with characters in the Replace With field. It will replace the characters anywhere in the cell value, even if they occur more than once.

Replace entire cell – this option allows you to use a wildcard match (* for any number of characters, ? for a single character), and only cells that match the whole Find Text value will be changed. If you use a * in the Replace With field, the entire original cell value will be inserted (useful for adding text before or after the original cell value).

Use regular expressions – you can also use a regular expression match and replacement. This is an advanced option, and knowledge of regular expressions in needed.

Ignore case – check this option to match both upper and lower case letters.

Pick Columns – select the columns to be modified either by position (column letter) or By Name.

Updated for v10.