Append To Worksheet

This Analytics Edge wizard is used to append the current table of data to an existing worksheet.

If the worksheet is empty, the function will create a new header row.

If there is already data on the worksheet, data will be appended to matching columns (by the caption/label in the header row). If a matching column does not exist, a new column will be created.

Append to worksheet: append to the data in the worksheet. Assumes the data starts at cell A1 and has column names in row 1. Also assumes the rest of the worksheet is empty.

Append to data at: is used to append to a specific block of data starting at the selected worksheet cell (top left corner of the block).

Matching Rows РKeep both Рthis option keeps all of the appended data, even if it duplicates existing data on the worksheet. This is useful when there is no special meaning in the date or text columns, and you want to keep every row.

Matching Rows – Do not change existing rows – this option will append new data where the values in the date and text columns do not already match an existing combination. This is useful if you only want to add new data and do not want to affect what is already in the worksheet.

Matching Rows – Update to new values – for every matching combination of date and text column values, any numeric columns will be updated to new values. This is useful if the new data may contain updated values for combinations previously captured in the worksheet.

Updated for v10.