Group (old)

This Analytics Edge wizard lets you add a category or group column based on the value in one of the other data columns. 

This would typically be used to categorize data, or to create groupings for a histogram chart.

New Column Name – enter a caption (name) for the new group/category column that will be created.

Based on – select a column to use for the evaluation. The Group Rules will be run on values from this column, with Group Labels written to a New Column.

Criteria – select the type of test to be used in the evaluation. The options change depending on the type of column selected (text, numeric, or date).

Value – enter a value to use in the evaluation. If it is for a text column, you can also make the test Case sensitive.

Group Label – enter a label to associate with rows that pass this evaluation. Note: the label from the first rule to pass will be used.

Add – add the Criteria/Value/Label rule to the list of Group Rules below.

Up, X, Down Buttons – reorder or delete a selected Group Rule in the list. Rules are evaluated in order from the top down, assigning the Label from the first Rule to pass.

Other Group – when checked, If the value being tested does not pass any Group Rule, assign the label in this field.

Updated for v10.