This wizard lets you configure general options, SMTP email server options, and manage Google accounts for use with Google Sheets and Gmail.


Auto-Refresh Excel Pivot Tables – have Analytics Edge automatically refresh Excel Pivot Tables in your workbooks after a macro runs. If you turn this off, the Excel PivotTables will be need to be refreshed manually after your data changes.

Task Pane Location – position the Task Pane on the left or right side (default).

Google Analytics Pro Connector Preference – if you have purchased a Google Analytics Pro license, selecting this option will automatically convert queries built with the Free Google Analytics connector to use the GA Pro connector instead.

SMTP Email Account

If you want to send emails in a macro using an SMTP email server, you will need to setup your email server settings first. Analytics Edge supports most SMTP servers.

Gmail warning – effective June 2020, Google no longer supports the ‘less secure’ SMTP email settings for new accounts. Analytics Edge now supports Google’s Gmail directly – see the Google Accounts tab.

Enable Email – unchecking this option prevents sending emails using this server.

Email Address – the address to send email from.

Display Name – the name to use when sending emails.

Outgoing SMTP server – get this from your email provider. It is usually something like smtp.server.com.

Server Port Number – get this from your email provider. Typical values are listed in order of  most up-to-date (587 for TLS, 465 for SSL, 25 for unencrypted).

Server Timeout (Minutes) – default timeout is 5 minutes.

Authentication – most SMTP servers require you to login to use them. Check this box and enter your account and password.

Ignore Certificate Errors – sometimes SMTP server share a security certificate with your web host’s domain, and an error occurs when attempting to establish a secure connection. Check this box if you get certificate errors (after confirming you have the right server settings).

Format as HTML – allows your messages to contain HTML formatting codes (like <b>bold</b>) in the message body.

Google Accounts

The Analytics Edge macro functions now support reading and writing to Google Sheets, and sending report attachments via Gmail. These features require your Google Account authorization. Saved account credentials are managed on this tab.

These accounts are used by the Read Google Sheet function, Write Google Sheet function, Write to Worksheet (Copy to Google Sheets) function, Save/Email PDF function, and Save/Email Workbook function.

Add Account – click to login to a Google account. A browser window should open, letting you login to your account, and to grant permission for the Analytics Edge Core Add-in to see and download your Google Drive files, see/edit/create/delete your spreadsheets, and send email on your behalf. These permissions are required to read/write to your Google Sheets files, and to send Gmail attachments.

Saved Google Accounts – lists the saved security credentials on your computer. At any time you can select an account entry to Refresh Login or Delete Account. Note that any macros relying on that account will cause a login window to pop open when run.

About Account Security: note that account credentials are saved (encrypted) to your computer, never pass through any Analytics Edge server, and are not available to anyone at Analytics Edge Inc. See Privacy Policy

Updated for v10.