This wizard lets you configure Excel Pivot Tables refresh options and Email server settings.


Auto-Refresh Excel Pivot Tables –¬†have Analytics Edge automatically refresh Excel Pivot Tables in your workbooks after a macro runs. If you turn this off, they would be need to be refreshed manually after your data changes.

Task Pane Location – position the Task Pane on the left or right side (default).

Task Pane Startup – when a workbook contains Analytics Edge macros, the Task Pane will appear by default when you open the workbook. This option allows you to always hide the Task Pane when you open any workbook.


If you want to send emails from your macros, you will need to set your email server settings. Analytics Edge supports most SMTP servers, and defaults to the values used by Google’s Gmail servers.


Start by entering the Email Address your messages will be from, and the Name to be displayed. Then enter the SMTP server settings for your server. Most servers require authentication, so you will need to enter your email account and password.

Gmail users: must enable ‘Access for less secure apps‘ in your account, and enter your user name (email address ) and password in the Options > Email form.


Privacy Note: your email account and password are stored, strongly encrypted, on your computer. They are not included in any Excel workbooks, nor are they shared or passed to any other application.