This Analytics Edge wizard lets you split a text column into several columns. You can split on a delimiter or a fixed-width sequence.

It can be used to split name fields apart (use the smart name split function), or to split product codes or URLs.

Split Options

Split on delimiter –┬áselect a delimiter that separates the values in the column. Optionally enter your own sequence of characters (may be more than one).

Split fixed width – if the column is to be split at specific character positions, use this option.

Smart name split – select this option to split a column into various name parts.

Split into Columns – splits the selected column into multiple columns, named with suffix -1, -2, etc.

Remove original column – to remove the column that has been split, check this option.

Split into Rows – splits multiple values in the selected column into multiple rows.

Ignore duplicates – if the column contains multiple but identical values, ignore the duplicates and create only one row for each unique value.

Pick Column – select a column by position (column letter) or By Name to be split.