Total (old)

This Analytics Edge wizard is used to create a numeric aggregate row or column, like Total or Average.You can choose to aggregate only the first or last group of numeric rows or columns, and position the results before or after the numeric data, or to remove the original (now aggregated) data completely.

This simple wizard lets you do common reporting tasks like creating a total row at the end of your table, or to display the top 10 rows with an average of the rest.

Summarize – select whether you want to aggregate Rows or Columns in the current table.

Select – allows you to choose All rows/columns, just the top N rows/columns, or everything expect the top N rows/columns. This last option is useful for ‘top 10 with average of the rest’ reports.

Aggregate – select whether to use the Sum, Average or other summary function.

Position – if all rows or columns are not removed, choose whether to position the new row or column before or after the numeric data. Note that if you have multiple text or date columns in the table, a summary column positioned ‘Before’ will appear where the first numeric column was.

Name – assign a name for the new row or column.

Remove selected rows / columns – check this box to remove the rows or columns that were aggregated.

Updated for v10.