This Analytics Edge widget recognizes duplicate rows in your data and lets you choose whether to keep them, remove them or combine them. More

Edit Mode Help

The Core Add-in has an ‘Edit Mode’ that shows you where your Quick Queries are located as well as any cell references. When the Edit Mode is ON, the add-in places Excel comments on all the referenced worksheet cells. Click the button to toggle the Edit Mode ON or off. More

Enter Data Source Schema

ga-enter-schemaEntering the Google Analytics data source schema into Analytics Edge makes it easier to upload data by automatically populating the target column names to match the schema. More


For the legacy AdWords Reports, the fields available for each report are listed in three groupings: Segments (used to group metrics), Attributes (settings or other fixed data) and Metrics (numerical performance data). More


Select the fields for your report.


The fields available for each report are listed in two groupings: Attributes and Metrics (numerical performance data). More


This Analytics Edge wizard lets you construct one or more filters to be applied to the current table. Filters can be combined using AND-OR logic, and you can choose to remove or keep the matching rows. More


Use this Analytics Edge wizard to set filter options for the Facebook Ads query. More


For the legacy AdWords Reports, to add filters to your report, select a combination of the column, criteria and value, and then click the Add button. Multiple filters will be AND-ed, meaning the report will contains rows that pass all the filters. More


Select the Filters for your SalesForce query.


To add filters to your report, select an attribute to filter, then select values desired and add them to the filter by clicking the [ >> ] button.  More


This Analytics Edge wizard inserts a column with an Excel formula, giving you full access to Excel’s advanced functions. It is evaluated in Excel AFTER you write it to a worksheet, so it should be followed by a Write to Worksheet function. More

Functions Wizard

Quick Queries in the Analytics Edge Core Add-in allow you to make several transformations to your data before you write it into your worksheet. These “Quick Functions” are available only to Premium license users. More

GA 4 Reporting – Options

this tab is currently disabled

The Options tab provides access to several options that affect how the Google Analytics data is presented in Excel. More

GA 4 Reporting – Reports

This tab contains preconfigured report options to help you get started and demonstrate the connector’s capability. Some changes may be necessary, including filtering and sorting, to get the data you want.


GA 4 Reporting – Sort

Use this Analytics Edge wizard to select the sort order to use for the query. Additionally, you can restrict the query to download a limited number of rows i.e. the top 10. More

Get Children Url Info

Get index details for a directory; equivalent to the Bing Webmaster Tools Index Explorer.

Get Feeds

GetFeedsReturn all top-level feeds for the site.

Get Keyword

GetKeywordGet keyword impressions for selected period.

Google Account Login

This wizard is not seen in normal use. During a normal login sequence, a new browser window will open in front of it requesting you to login to your Google account. After you login, this wizard will close automatically. More

Google Analytics (Free) vs Google Analytics (Pro) Connector

Analytics Edge provide 2 connectors for Google Analytics: Free and Pro. For many people using the old Universal Analytics version of GA , the Google Analytics (Free) connector is all they need. The Pro connector provides many extra features, including full support for GA 360 customers as well as the new Google Analytics 4. This article describes the differences in more detail.



This Analytics Edge wizard lets you add a category or group column based on the value in one of the other data columns.  More

Insights – Pages

pagesUse this Analytics Edge wizard to select one of your saved logins, and the Facebook Page you want to use for this query. More


Typical uses include combining name or address components into a single column for uploading into a database. More


licenseTrial licenses are issued automatically by Analytics Edge. When you make a purchase, enter your registration/license key into the box provided and click Submit.

Link Metrics

This Analytics Edge wizard returns information about links between a target URL and other pages and domains. Parameters let you receive a wide array or a narrow subset of results, with multiple options for how results are sorted.  More

LinkedIn Ads Accounts

The LinkedIn Ads Accounts wizard is used to add, refresh or delete saved accounts for use by the LinkedIn Ads connector. More

LinkedIn Ads Reports

The LinkedIn Ads Reports wizard is used to create or edit queries to pull LinkedIn Ads data into your spreadsheet. Make sure to add an account with the Accounts wizard first. More

List Details

listUse this wizard to get details about a specific Constant Contact list in the account given the list id number. More

List Reports

list-reportsUse this Analytics Edge wizard to get reports on your MailChimp contact lists. More


Use this wizard to list all ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets or ads in your accounts. More


listsUse this wizard to get the Constant Contact lists in the account. More


listsUse this Analytics Edge wizard to get information about all MailChimp contact lists, or about an individual list. More