Google Search: Data Skeptic

Inspired by work provided by Britney Muller (and Masaki Okazawa) at Mozcon21 (, this workbook provides an excellent SEO analysis highlighting keyword cannibalization, performance changes and top page categories.


Google Search: Position Distribution – More Than Just An Average

The Google Search Console metric for “position” is an average, and it doesn’t tell the whole story. This report looks at the individual queries used for each of your pages over the past 12 weeks, groups them by position, and shows you the distribution of impressions and clicks by position.


Google Search: Queries for Top Pages

This free workbook shows how easily you can get a list of the top pages that appear in Google Search results, then for each of those pages, get the queries that were used to find them. It includes the impressions, clicks, CTR and position data. More

Google Search: SEO Results Trends

See how your content marketing or search optimization efforts have affected traffic to your site with this free Microsoft Excel report. Enter the target phrase and your account and website information, then let the Analytics Edge Core Add-in and Google Search Connector take care of the rest.



Google Search: SEO Summary Report (Premium)

Search Engine Optimization is a changing market. It’s not about keywords, it’s about topics and long-tail in aggregate. This free report summarizes your website’s appearance in search, showing the distribution of the # of keywords, impressions and clicks by position.

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