PageSpeed Insights – Google Search

The PageSpeed Insights wizard of the Google Search connector will pull results from the PageSpeed API [may be quota limited].

Url – enter a value for the Url to query. Optionally use a cell reference to the value to use. *

Category – select a Lighthouse category to use.

Locale – enter a value for the language code to use. e.g. “en-US”, “or “de-CH”. Default value is “en-US”.

Strategy – select desktop or mobile strategy to use.

Include Verbose Lighthouse Detail – check this box to include all Lighthouse detail. Caution: this can result in a very large number of columns of detail.

*if used from an Analytics Edge macro, you can also use a column name in the current table, enclosed in square brackets (like ‘[page]’). The query will cycle through all Urls in the column and deliver the results as a table. This is the most efficient way to collect data for a list of Urls.