Accounts – Google Search Console

For security reasons, Analytics Edge stores your account information on your computer, not in the workbooks. Accounts are stored using Reference names, and the queries use a Reference name to identify which account to use.

Before you can log into an account, you must enter a Reference name in the field provided, then click the Add Account button.

After your have logged in, the account credentials will be stored (encrypted) on your computer so you can refresh reports without having to login each time.

Multiple accounts can be stored, and you can change which account gets used by default. If your reports make multiple queries and always refer to the ‘Default account’, you can switch the default account to report on on different account.

Make Default

To make it easier to make queries for your preferred website, you can select an account reference name in the list, as well as a preferred web site, and click Make Default.

Refresh Login

Should the saved security token expire or experience an automatic refresh problem, you can manually refresh the security token by selecting an account from the list and clicking Refresh Login.

Manual Login

ga-manual-authIf you experience a problem with the login, such as second-factor authentication failure, click the Manual link in the upper right corner of the dialog. A new browser window will open. Login to your Google account and Accept the access request. You will be taken to a web page on the Analytics Edge web site, and there should be a code in the URL of the browser. Copy the code part of the URL, close the browser, and paste the code into the dialog box provided.