LinkedIn Ads Reports

The LinkedIn Ads Reports wizard is used to create or edit queries to pull LinkedIn Ads data into your spreadsheet. Make sure to add an account with the Accounts wizard first.

Reports Tab

To start with a predefined report, simply select one of the listed reports. A typical set of fields will be pre-selected for you. You can then change any of the selections.

Accounts Tab

Account – Select the account (login) from the top selector, or use a worksheet cell reference (“value”) where the account name is stored. Buttons are provided to add an account, delete the selected account, and select a worksheet cell.

Ad Account – Select the ad account to use for the query, or use a worksheet cell reference (“value”) where the ad account id (number) is stored. A button is provided to select a worksheet cell.

Fields Tab

Select fields from the available list on the left to add then to the list on the right. You can select the field and click the Add button, or simply double-click the field name.

Segments/Attributes/Metrics – select an option to restrict the list of fields to a particular type of field.

Type to filter – if you start typing in this box, the list will filter to show only matching fields. Press Enter to accept the field at the top of the list, or double-click on the desired entry.

Clear/Delete Buttons – to remove a selected field, you can select an entry in the list and click the Delete button, or click Clear to clear the whole list.

Note About Field Compatibility – The fields available may change depending on what you have selected — there are a variety of field compatibility rules involved. Some examples:

  • if you select any segment field (e.g. Campaign/Name), all the other fields from the same object are available (e.g. Campaign/Id, Campaign/Format, etc.)
  • some segments cannot be used with any other segment (e.g. Member Company Size/Value)
  • some segments can be used with up to 2 others (e.g. Account plus Campaign plus Creative)
  • only one Date granularity selection can be made (e.g. Date/Monthly or Date/Daily)
  • selecting a Date granularity option other than Date/All will add a Date column to the report
  • include Date Start/End to include a Date Start and Date End column

Creative Ad Names/Names – different types of creatives use different fields for the names you see in the online reports. The field Creative/Ad Name has been added to recreate a similar listing for you. Note the the Creative/Name field will produce the sub-text seen online.

Dates Tab

To select a date range for your report, you can choose a preset selection or pick 2 of 3: start date, duration and end date. Start and end dates can selected as a specific date, relative to a period (e.g. start of month), or use a cell reference to get a date from a worksheet.

Filters Tab

The query can be filtered to show only a specific Campaign Group, a specific Campaign, or a specific Ad creative.

Sort Tab

You can optionally sort the report by one of the columns in the report, in either ascending or descending order.