LinkedIn Ads Accounts

The LinkedIn Ads Accounts wizard is used to add, refresh or delete saved accounts for use by the LinkedIn Ads connector.

Add Accountstart a new login sequence. A browser windows should open prompting you to log into LinkedIn Ads. Note: to add multiple accounts, you may need to log out of LinkedIn in your browser first, before you click Add Account, to force a new login prompt.

Just In Case: If No Browser Window Opens – If the browser window does not open automatically, you should see the Account Login wizard showing the Open Browser tab. Copy the URL in section 1 and paste it into a browser, then complete the LinkedIn login.

Login to LinkedIn Ads – In the browser window, log in to the LinkedIn account you want to use.  After you have logged in, close the browser window and return to the Account Login wizard.

The Save Account tab should be showing in the Account Login wizard. Confirm or change the suggested Reference Name in the wizard. [Reference names are labels saved in your workbook to identify the account being used. You can change the suggested name for privacy or clarity]

Refresh Login – if you have difficulty with a saved account, you can refresh the saved security token by selecting the account in the list and clicking Refresh Login to start the login process.

Delete Account – to delete a saved security token, select the account in the list and click the Delete Account button.