Ads Reports (New)

This wizard for the Google Ads connector lets you make a query to the Google Ads API to download your data. [available in v3.0+]

Reports Tab

Google Ads reports are based on a selected Resource, but to get you started quickly, there are a number of re-configured reports listed on the left-hand side. Clicking on a pre-configured report will set the Resource as well as Field, Filter and Sort options. The Date selection defaults to the past 30 days.

Selecting a Resource will clear any Field, Filter or Sorting options you may have set.

Accounts Tab

Account – select a saved account. Optionally add an account, or delete the selected entry.

Value – use a cell reference to obtain the account to be used for this query.

Customer – select a customer to report on. The list of customers is cached to improve loading time, so you can refresh the list if needed.

Value – use a cell reference to obtain the customer name or id to be used for this query.

Fields Tab

Select from the available segments, attributes and metrics on the left to be added to report. Type to filter the list, and press Enter to accept the top field in the list, or double-click on any list entry to add it to the Selected Fields.

Dates Tab

Select a date range: either one the presets available, or select a combination of start, duration, or end dates. Start and end dates can selected as a specific date, relative to a period (e.g. start of month), or use a cell reference to get a date from a worksheet.

Filters Tab

Select a campaign, ad group or ad to restrict the report, and add any other filter rules you want.

Note that if you are entering text for LIKE or REGEXP_MATCH filters, the text must be enclosed in single quote characters. Also note that for LIKE statements, the wildcard is a % sign.

Campaign/Name   LIKE   'Analytics%'

Sort / Count Tab

Count – enter a number to restrict the number of rows returned in the query, otherwise all rows will be returned.

Sorting Rules – add rules to sort the results as desired.

Updated for v3.2.0