The Google Ads Accounts wizard is used to add, refresh or delete saved accounts for use by the Google Ads connector. Click the Add Account button to start a new login sequence. An Account Login wizard will open, as well as a browser window should for you to log in to Google Ads. If the browser windows does not open, follow the instructions in section 1 of the Account Login wizard to start the login process.

After you have logged in, close the browser window and return to the Account Login wizard. Confirm or change the suggested Reference Name in the wizard.

Saved Credentials (Security Access Token)

After you have logged in, a security access token will be stored (encrypted) on your computer so you can refresh reports without having to login each time. Multiple accounts can be stored using different reference names.

Note that the reference name is saved in the workbook and may be visible to other users or the workbook. The connector uses the reference name to get the appropriate security token from your computer.