Search Terms

The Search Metrics wizard of the Google Business Profile connector allows you to get a report of the search terms that showed your Business Profile in the search results.

If the number of searches is below a threshold level, the threshold will be reported.


Sign in with Google – add a new account to the connector.

Account – select a saved account to use for this query. With the selected account, you can:

  • Refresh – update the saved account credentials by logging in again.
  • Delete – remove the account from your computer.
  • or value – enter an account reference name or a cell reference to it. A cell reference button is included to assist.

GBP Account – select your business account.

Location – select the business location.


Preset Range

  • Preset – select a date range for your report

Date Range

Select 2 of 3 date range options to define the date range (start + duration, start + end, duration + end).

  • Start – Start on (date); Start of (selection); or Value (can be a date or cell reference).
  • Duration – enetr a number and select the period.
  • End– End on (date); End of (selection); or Value (can be a date or cell reference).