Ads Reports – Facebook Ads

The Ads Reports wizard of the Facebook Ads connector allows you to get a report of your ads preformance.


Sign in with Facebook – add a new account to the connector.

Account – select a saved account to use for this query. Options available:

  • Refresh – update the saved account credentials by logging in again.
  • Delete – remove the account from your computer.
  • or value – enter an account reference name or a cell reference to it. A cell reference button is included to assist.

Ad Account – select an ad account to sue with this query. Options available:

  • or value – enter an ad account Id (numeric portion) or a cell reference to it. A cell reference button is included to assist.

Report Level – select the detail level for the report.

Item to Report – you can restrict the report to a single campaign, ad set or ad.

  • or value – enter an Id (numeric portion) of teh desired ad account, campaign, ad set or ad, or a cell reference to it. A cell reference button is included to assist.


Breakdowns – add selected dimensions to the query,

Dimensions / Metrics – click on ‘add dimension’ or ‘add metric’ to select dimensions or metrics for the report. Start typing to filter the list. Fields marked -incompatible- cannot be included with the already-selected fields.

Drag-and-drop fields in the lists to change the order, or select fields and the X to remove them.


Select a preset range, or select a date range by specifying 2-of the Start, Duration, or End dates.

Start/End Dates can be specified by selecting a specific date, picking a generic ‘Start/End of’ a period, or enter a value  or cell reference to a value.



Filters can be added by selecting the field, criteria and value, then clicking And or Or button depending on the logic you want.

Entered rules can be rearranged using drag-and-drop, or selected and deleted by clicking the X.


Sorting is only available fora single field, Ascending or Descending as desired.


Attribution Windows – select the attribution windows you want to use in your report.

Action Report Time – reprot on the time/date that an impression or a conversion took place. If mixed, actions that occur on your ad (such as impressions and link clicks) are reported under impression time, and actions that occur off your ad (such as a purchase on your website) are reported under conversion time.