Version 8 Changes

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in continues to be updated, and the release of version 8 includes a number of new features and enhancements to existing capabilities. Update now.

Breaking Changes

Copy to Google Sheets / Account Changes – if you had existing Google accounts saved that were used to Copy to Google Sheets in the Write to Worksheet wizard, those accounts will need to be updated and you may need to update the macros that used them. Google account support has changed to support the ability to send PDF or workbooks as Google Gmail attachments. Open the Options wizard, and go to the Google Accounts tab.

New Capabilities

Read Google Sheet / Write Google Sheet – new macro functions fully support reading and writing to individual Google Sheets.

Options: Google Accounts – Google accounts used for reading and writing to Google Sheets or sending Gmail reports can now be managed in the Options wizard.


Ribbon Changes – some items have been moved on the ribbon.

The File menu item have been grouped for easier selection (and the addition of Read Google Sheet and Write Google Sheet functions).

The Edit Mode button is now just a push/toggle button, and menu items have been moved to the Edit Query button menu.

License Update – notice is now provided for any installed connector updates available.

Save/Email PDF and Workbook – added the ability to send the file as an attachment via Google Gmail.

Also added the ability to directly enter the Folder and File name as well as the Date format to be used when automatically adding the date to the filename.

Error Messages – popup dialog now shows the query name or macro name in which the error occurred.

Arrange – insert option now permits cell references for the new column name and value. Also permits date, text or number values to be used.

Calculate – now permits cell references for the values used in some of the calculations.

Compare – wizard has been changed to a 2-tab interface instead of step-by-step panels.

Convert – wizard changed to side-by-side layout for easier navigation and selection of options.

Options: SMTP Email – options for SMTP server simplified.

Pivot– wizard has been changed to a 2-tab interface instead of step-by-step panels.

Sort– wizard has been changed to a 2-tab interface instead of step-by-step panels.

Updated Colours and Layouts – all wizards have shifted to white backgrounds and some wizards have had their layouts modified slightly. Some of the wizards now support resizing. This is just beginning of a larger transformation…more to come…


Join – joining different column types (date, number, text) is now much faster, especially with large tables.

Copy to Google Sheets – now no longer limits the number of rows that can be written. The full 5 million cell capacity of Google Sheets is available.

Losing focus – Excel is now consistently brought to the front after a wizard closes.

Quick Functions – improved speed and memory usage of this wizard, especially when used without optional function settings.

Table Name – if a named table does not exist, this function now returns an empty table instead of an error.

Worksheet Selection – several wizards offering worksheet selection should now properly reflect newly added worksheet names.