Upgrade Core Add-in

Analytics Edge Core Add-in: Simple Upgrade

The latest release of the Core Add-in is v7.5.0, released 2020-02-12 To upgrade, simply download and run the installer. No need to uninstall the previous release.

Your License and account configuration settings will not be affected.

What’s New – v7.5.0

    • Fixed a problem where the first task pane function, once selected, could not be unselected
    • Improved error handling for a number of macro functions
    • Fixed some task pane interaction quirks

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge paid products are supported by direct, confidential email. If you encounter a problem or have any feedback, please email support@analyticsedge.com

Previously in v7.4

  • Fixed a problem with worksheets or range names starting with ‘ae’
  • Better conversion of old format Basic Add-in workbooks to quick queries

Previously in v7.3

  • Prevent task pane from opening more than one
  • Fixed a problem deactivating licenses when incorrect license key entered
  • Fixed conversion of workbooks not converting properly from old Basic add-in queries
  • Fixed FIPS-140-2 compliance problem
  • No longer disables some macro buttons if no data present
  • Fixed odd macro editing behaviour when switching between workbooks
  • Fixed problem with some macro names not being recognized properly

Previously in v7.2

  • Fixed Google Sheets login and copy problems
  • NEW – Now skips Function Wizard if free add-in license with paid connector with more than 30 days left to license
  • Fixed and improved a couple of error conditions and handling issues
  • Fixed a problem closing the Task Pane when switching workbooks
  • added additional debug features for licensing problems
  • fixed a couple of task pane quirks

Previously in v7.1

  • Fixed a problem with free license auto-renewal that caused it to loop

Previously in v7.0

  • Added Valid Email test to the Filter and Group functions
  • Added Run a VBA Macro to the Run Macro function

Previously in v6.26 and earlier

  • User interface responsiveness improvements
  • Fixed a problem with the Formula wizard not remembering Before/After settings properly
  • Fixed a problem withe the Formula function not working properly depending on where the results are written
  • Fixed a problem with the UnPivot function when LastColumn is selected in some scenarios
  • Fixed a delay in opening first wizard
  • Changed settings for Google Sheets authentication (may require recreating account entry)
  • Fixed a problem with VBA macro-triggered refreshes writing to worksheets with non-US versions of Excel.
  • fixed a couple of problems with the Formula function; positioned at other than A1, and writing to worksheets with non-US versions of Excel.
  • fixed a problem that could cause scheduled refreshes to hang
  • improved handling of multiple Analytics Edge add-in installations
  • Added a new option (Analytics Edge ribbon > Options) to always hide the Task Pane on startup (when opening a workbook).
  • Fixed a problem affecting some users loading specific connectors combinations.
  • Increased the Query Status dialog to show the full query location.
  • Fixed a problem with Read Worksheet using data ranges with column references only (e.g. A:D)
  • Fixed a problem affecting some users loading specific connectors combinations
  • Fixed a problem reading single column data ranges with Read Worksheet.
  • NEW Group function added. Improved handling of large worksheets for better memory usage. Improved error diagnostics.
  • Edit Mode automatically turns off if you edit the Query Worksheet.
  • Fixed problem leaving some workbooks in manual calculation mode after abnormal exit.
  • Added cut / copy / paste buttons to the Analytics Edge ribbon bar for Quick Queries.
  • Fixed a problem with query worksheet processing causing invalid cast errors. Added Repeat Macro option to ignore macro errors and skip a loop.
  • Recommendations when out of memory occurs. Improved error messages. Fixed problem with minor version upgrade licensing.
  • Added extra error handling. Fixes unintended uppercase of range names used for topleftcell or datarange in wizards. Fixes “GoogleAnalyticsFree not installed” errors.
  • Added the ability to copy to a Google Sheets file.
  • Fixed a build problem (with v6.3). Fixes problems with Combine and Append to Worksheet functions. Better error messages when problems writing to worksheet.
  • Fixes a problem causing Object reference not found messages. Fixes a problem reading empty worksheets.
  • Now preserves formula columns added to results in worksheet. Improved memory handling to reduce out of memory errors. New license algorithm reduces effect of Windows updates. When too much data is to be written, now writes as much as spreadsheet limits can handle. Fixed problems with append to worksheet column alignment. Fixed problems with read worksheet determining incorrect column type.

Previously in v5.5

  • Fixed a problem handling dates in columns used as range names
  • fixes a problem losing macro from single-macro workbooks
  • Fixes disabled macros caused by Basic or Standard add-ins attempting to convert macros to quick queries.
  • Edit Mode forced off when working with macros. Worksheet rename now changes Function name when edit mode is on. Tweak to improve license algorithm.
  • Patched to stop EXPIRED ribbon icon appearing if expired trials are uninstalled. Improved licensing algorithm to reduce the impact of Windows updates.
  • Added Quick Query capability for compatibility with Standard and Basic Add-ins.