2.5 Upgrade Core Add-in

To upgrade the Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel, simply download and run the installer; there is no need to uninstall the previous release. Updates are designed so that your licenses and most account configuration settings will not be affected.

The change log has a new location: https://help.analyticsedge.com/changelog-addin/

Use the installer from the Download page, or get the ZIP file for a manual installation.

IMPORTANT: Version 11 Add-in Update

Welcome to a whole new generation of Analytics Edge products, completely rebuilt to provide a modern interface while maintaining backward compatability. All the connectors are now built-in to the add-in, and they are updated with the add-in updates.

When updating the Add-in from version 10 to version 11, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • a current release of Windows 10 or higher is now required
  • all connectors are now part of the product – they are no longer managed independantly. 30 Day Trials of connectors you have not used can be started on the License wizard.
  • you will need to add any Google Sheets / Gmail accounts you had previously used — version 11 uses more granular permissions, so these accounts are now separately managed. Click ‘Accounts’ on the ribbon.
  • the code to read/write to Google Sheets has changed significantly (improved), so verify any macros that used those features.
  • most wizards have new, modern designs, but the features you were used to should all still be there…but they may be presented differently
  • a few connectors have yet to be updated — they will be done on a future update
  • expect frequent updates — this release uses Excel-DNA (beta release), Microsoft .NET 8 (new), and Blazor hybrid (new) technologies.

if you need to reinstall version 10 for now, use the installer or zip file. The old version 10 connectors will no longer be updated and may stop working due to API changes.

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge products are supported by direct, confidential email. If you encounter a problem or have any feedback, please email support@analyticsedge.com