2.5 Upgrade Core Add-in

Analytics Edge Core Add-in: Simple Upgrade

The latest release of the Core Add-in is v10.8.0 released 2021-11-09 To upgrade, simply download and run the installer. No need to uninstall the previous release.
Use the installer AnalyticsEdgeCoreInstaller.exe, or the zip file for manual installations AnalyticsEdgeCore.zip

Your License and account configuration settings will not be affected.

What’s New – v10.8.0

  • Added Convert options to URL encode or URL decode text
  • License algorithm properly handles installations with multiple users
  • Properly handle incomplete data sent from connectors
  • Fixed a problem with reading date columns in Google Sheets
  • Fixed a problem when token expires accessing Google Sheets
  • Fixed a problem formatting date columns when writing to Google Sheets
  • Correctly report a problem when reading a text/web file
  • Correct handling of Google Sheets date format when copying through Write to Worksheet command

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge paid products are supported by direct, confidential email. If you encounter a problem or have any feedback, please email support@analyticsedge.com

Previous in v10.7.1 and earlier

  • Fixed problem editing scheduled refreshes
  • Added date column format to Write to Google Sheets function
  • Added ability for Read Text/Web File command to pause between reads
  • Query status dialog now shows each query/macro refreshing during refresh all
  • Errors now start with query or macro identifier
  • Fixed a problem where quick query errors were not reported in RefreshAll
  • Fixed some problems with the Quick Functions wizard
  • Fixed some issues with handling expired connectors
  • Fixed a problem with the add-in not recognizing available updates
  • Fix problem with newly opened workbook not initializing properly
  • Fix problems with the task pane
  • Fixed a problem with moving cell references made in macros
  • Fixed empty workbooks asking to be saved on exit
  • Fixed quirks with Interactive mode
  • Automatically validate free license when License wizard opened
  • Fixed threading problems
  • Fixed shutdown to prevent reopening of empty workbook
  • Reduced logging of error/exception details
  • Changed license wizard to simplify free/premium selection
  • License updates now display message for 3 seconds then continue to prevent scheduled refreshes from stopping
  • Better handling of cancellation requests
  • Improved login wizard
  • Fixed a number of user interface quirks in several wizards
  • fixed a problem where the new macro name would not appear until a function was added
  • fixed quirks when switching between workbooks
  • fixed writing results with a header row but no data rows
  • fixed problem with dynamically modified queries or macros not picking up changes during refresh all or VBA run
  • changed Edit Mode so it doesn’t turn itself off automatically so often
  • fixed a problem with queries in memory out of sync with contents of query sheet
  • fixed a problem with many wizards with multiple selections not selecting items scrolled out of view
  • stopped license update notices from popping up behind Excel splash screen
  • moved interactive (run once)/query/macro mode selection to ribbon to eliminate a popup
  • added ability to save interactive function as macro
  • improved responsiveness for some cancellation requests
  • fixed a problem with Total function option to remove selected columns
  • fixed a problem handling date columns from Google Sheets
  • fixed a problem with some combinations of options in the Group function
  • fixed some quirks when working with the Task Pane
  • improved error handling
  • fixed auto-activation for newly updated connectors
  • added option to not clear existing data on worksheet (overwrite)
  • added P25 and P75 aggregations to Combine, Duplicates, Lookup, Pivot, Subtotal and Total functions (25 percent of values are greater than, 75 percent of values are greater than)
  • fixed problems with managing and auto-refreshing saved Google accounts
  • fixes problem not clearing previous data when writing without header row
  • fixes ‘Cannot run commands while editing a cell’ messages in error
  • fixes macro call from worksheet button; fixes Cancel button problems
  • stability update; fixes ‘disposed object’ errors
  • more responsive cancellation
  • added runSilent and runAll options to VBA AnalyticsEdge.Runmacro function
  • fixed update dropping premium license selection
  • fixed copy/paste problem with certain macro function selections
  • New Terms of Use; requires email to activate (privacy policy)
  • Added new One Time function capability (details)
  • Added ‘if’ criteria to Run Macro/Command function (details)
  • Arrange > Insert can now insert a column of row numbers (details)
  • Notes (comments) now possible in most function wizards (details)
  • Convert wizard now supports multiple field selection (details)
  • Updated Google account login wizard
  • Simplified several function wizards
  • Overhaul of License wizard