Switching From Basic Add-in to Core Add-in (Free)

The old Analytics Edge Basic Add-in used an encryption algorithm that is no longer supported by the license server, but the functionality has been included in the new Core Add-in as a “Free” license type. This article provides assistance in the conversion process.

To start with, do NOT delete the files from the old Basic Add-in installation — this will delete the connector account information and break all of your existing reports. The new Core Add-in can be installed over top of the Basic Add-in.

Step 1. Disable the old Basic Add-in

Go to Excel’s File menu, and select Options, then Add-ins, then click the [Go…] button. You should see a panel listing the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in, or Analyticsedgebasic-32bit, or Analyticsedgebasic-64bit, which is checked.

Uncheck it. The Analytics Edge ribbon should disappear from Excel’s ribbon bar.

Step 2. Close Excel, Reboot

Close all copies of Excel that are running. If possible, reboot your computer to kill off any background Excel processes that may be running (left over from application crashes).

Step 3. Install the Analytics Edge Core Add-in

Run the Core Add-in installer from the Download page. When completed, start Excel — the Analytics Edge ribbon should appear.

If the ribbon does not appear, check to see if you had previously done a manual installation of the Basic Add-in. To do this, open the File > Options > Add-ins panel again, but click on the entry for the Basic Add-in in the list of Inactive Application Add-ins and check the location listed below — that is your installation folder. Follow the Manual Installation guide to manually install the Core Add-in in the same folder.

If it still does not appear in the ribbon, check that it has not been disabled by Excel:

Step 4. Activate the Free License

Open the Analytics Edge License wizard by clicking the License button (if may appear with a big red ‘X’). You may be asked to accept the terms of use agreement. In the top Add-in section, click the Free license type option. [Note: this panel may appear different from the image below]

Step 5. Verify Your Connector Licenses

In the Connector Licenses listed at the bottom, verify that the connectors you use are licensed (not showing EXPIRED or DISABLED).


Contact support@analyticsedge.com with an image of the Licenses wizard, and we will reset your license keys to get you working again.