Combination: Google Analytics-Search-Moz SEO Report (Premium)

ga-gwt-moz-reportThis free workbook uses the Analytics Edge Connectors for Google Analytics, Google Search, and Moz to combine key SEO metrics for your top 100 web pages. The included Analytics Edge Core Add-in macros make refreshes a snap.

The report lists your top 100 landing pages from Google Analytics, sorted by the number of Entrances. The macro then combines Google Search data and Moz data producing an all-in-one report in seconds!

The report includes:

  • Entrances and Unique Pageviews from Google Analytics
  • Avg. position, Impressions, and Clicks from Google Search Console
  • External Equity Links, Root Domains Linking, and Page Authority from Moz

Instructions: see blog article

Requires: Analytics Edge Core Add-in premium license with Google Analytics, Google Search and Moz connectors
Download the workbook: GoogleAnalyticsSearchMoz-Report-4-0.xlsx