Multi-View Queries [Core Add-in]

The Pro version of the Analytics Edge connector for Google Analytics can be used to query multiple profiles/views at once. To do this, you need the Analytics Edge Core Add-in.

Start by loading the list of view ids into memory. To get the view ids available to you, you can use a Google Analytics Pro – Management Lists query to download all views available to your account.


You can use the Analytics Edge Table – Filter function to keep the ones of interest


use the File – Write Worksheet function to keep the whole list and manually remove the ones you don’t want, then reload the list using the File – Read Worksheet function. Note that the ‘webProperties/profiles/id’ column lists the View IDs we need.


Now you can use that list in the Google Analytics Pro connector by entering the Analytics Edge range name ‘[webProperties/profiles/id]‘, which is the column name surrounded by square brackets.

Continue to build your query. When it is run, 2 new columns will be added to the results: the View ID and the View Name.


Remember to save the result to your workbook using the File – Write Worksheet function.