* Google Analytics Help

To get started with the Google Analytics connector, just add an account, then make your queries! On the Analytics Edge ribbon bar, click the Google Analytics button (Free or Pro) and select the Accounts menu item.

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google-analytics-pro-menuWhen the Accounts wizard opens, click the Add Account button. A browser window should open to authorize Analytics Edge to access your account. If a browser window does not open within a few seconds, copy the URL provided  in the popup wizard and paste it into your browser.



When the authorization appears, make sure to CHECK ALL THE BOXES for permissions requested, or the connector will give you errors.

If the permissions are granted, the browser window can be closed and you can return to a popup wizard to enter a “reference name”.

An important note about privacy and security: the authorization process sends a security token to the connector to use on your behalf. The security token is encrypted and stored in a file on your computer using a “reference name” that you enter. The queries in your workbook use the reference name to identify the security token to use for the query. Your security tokens are not stored in your workbooks, but the reference names are. You can freely share the workbooks without compromising security, and you can use a non-personalized reference name (“Acme Company” instead of your email address) to protect your privacy.



In Excel, on the Analytics Edge ribbon bar, click the Google Analytics button (Free or Pro) and select the Analytics Reporting menu item. You can get a quick start by selecting from one of the preset reports, or step through the tabs to select the Views, Segments, Fields, Filters, Dates, Sorting and Options for your query. Click Finish when you are ready to make the query.