GA 4 Reporting – Options

this tab is currently disabled

The Options tab provides access to several options that affect how the Google Analytics data is presented in Excel.

Rates/Percents: By default, Analytics Edge will convert rate and percentage metrics into fractions of 1 (50% = 0.5) so that the cells can be formatted using Excel’s % formatting. If you would rather see 50 in the cell, select Number.

Dates: Analytics Edge automatically converts dates into Excel dates. If you would rather get the non-standard response (20140725) format, select String/Number.

Numeric Dimensions: By default, all dimensions are delivered to Excel in text-formatted cells. Some dimensions, like Count of Sessions are numeric in nature. If you would like to see these “numeric” dimensions presented as numbers, select Number.

Time Metrics: by default, time metrics like Time on Page and Sessions Duration are expressed in seconds. Select Days to make it possible to format the cell in Excel using a Time format to get hh:mm:ss formatted times.

Include Empty Rows: by default the GA API returns rows in some queries with zero results. You can suppress these rows with this option.