Analytics Reporting – Fields

fieldsUse this Analytics Edge wizard to select the dimensions and metrics to be retrieved in the query.

Add/Remove Fields: Select a field in the listing on the left and click the Add button, or double-click on the field name to add it to the selected field list on the right. Dimensions and metrics are managed separately. You can add up to 9 dimensions and 10 metrics in a query.

Invalid Combinations: Not all combinations are valid, and Analytics Edge will warn you of invalid combinations by graying out some entries as you add fields.

Deprecated: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are deprecated by Google: this means that while they still work for now, they will stop working at a future date. By default, deprecated fields are hidden but they can be included by selecting the check box.

Descriptions: Selecting any field will show the associate API field name and description at the bottom.

Filter: to filter the list of dimensions and metrics, simply type a few characters into the filter box provided. The filter can match the display name or the actual API field name.

Pivot (Pro Connector Only): After selecting your dimensions for the query, you can select one of those dimensions to segment the results into columns. For example, you can select the Date dimension to obtain one column per Date in the results.

Note that the columns will be created in the order in which they appear in the query, so changing your sort order may affect the order of the columns. Also, there will be one column for each unique value, so absolute column position may change from query to query.

For more control over pivoted resulted, use the Pivot function in the Analytics Edge Core Add-in.