Campaigns/Ads Tab

Use this Analytics Edge wizard to select one of your saved logins, and the Facebook Ad Account, Campaign, Ad Set, or Ad you want to use for this query.

Login – Select your login account (set in the Accounts wizard), or use a cell reference to get the value from a worksheet.

Ad Account – select the ad account to use. Once selected, the list of campaigns will be displayed below. If you use the cell reference feature, use the account id in the format of “act_######”.

Select Item – select the Campaign, Ad Set or Ad that you want to report on, or use a cell reference to get the value from a worksheet. The value should be the id of the item (campaign_####, adset_####, or ad_####).

Active Only – include only active campaigns and ads in the report.

Show All – expands the display to show all campaigns and ads in the listing.


Reporting Level – you can select a Campaign above, and report at the campaign, ad set or ad level producing new report lines for each ad, for example.

Campaign/AdSet/Ad Filter – filter the report to include campaigns that match the phrases entered. If the ‘Not” check box is checked, exclude matching entries.

Breakdown – for each item, break down the results by the selections made. Combinations can be made but some combinations are not allowed and will result in an error.