Bulk Export Contacts

bulk-export-contactsUse this wizard to export large numbers of contacts from a specific Constant Contact list.

Constant Contact bulk export requests are “batch” operations – they are submitted and you need to wait for the report to run before you can download the results. This function will wait a period of time for the export to complete, checking every 5 seconds, and then will download the data when it is ready. If the operation takes too long, use the bulk activity status wizard to see when it finishes, then use the bulk activity download wizard to get the results.

Account – you can select a specific account, use the * Default account, or use an Excel cell reference (click the button provided) top_left_expand_icon&16.

List ID – enter a contact list id number or enter an Excel worksheet cell reference (use the button provided) top_left_expand_icon&16.

You can also use the popup list selection wizard to pick the list of interest export_icon&16. Select the list in the popup and click OK to get the list id.

Sort By – the downloaded file can be pre-sorted by email address or by descending date added. [2015-04-15 Constant Contact has confirmed the sort by email address option is reversed (z-to-a instead of a-to-z) and the descending date option does not work. These should start working properly when they fix their server]

Export Date Added – if you want the date that the contact was added to the list exported, check this box.

Export Added By – if you want to know how each contact was added to the list, check this box.

Column Names to Include – select the column names to include in your export. To select multiple columns, hold the Ctrl-key down while selecting items.