Contact Listing

get-contactsUse this wizard to get the contacts for a specific Constant Contact account.

Analytics Edge will automatically make multiple queries to retrieve all of the contacts, or you can limit it to just the most recently modified few by entering a limit number.

Account – you can select a specific account, use the * Default account, or use an Excel cell reference (click the button provided) top_left_expand_icon&16.

Limit – using a limit of 0 will download all contacts for the account. You can limit the number by entering a value.

Status – you can download contacts with a specific status. Typically people are interested only in contacts that are ACTIVE.

Email – if you want to get a specific contact record by email address, you can enter the exact address here.

Modified Since – If you are only interested in more recent campaigns, you can use this option to pick a start date or time period (relative to today).