Contact Report – Forwards

contact-report-forwardsUse this wizard to get details about the forwards of a selected contact (email address) in Constant Contact. The contact is identified by the contact ID number. You can use the contact selector popup to pick a contact from those available or reference a value in a worksheet cell.

Account – you can select a specific account, use the * Default account, or use an Excel cell reference (click the button provided) top_left_expand_icon&16.

Contact ID – enter a contact id number or enter an Excel worksheet cell reference (use the button provided) top_left_expand_icon&16.

If the list is not overly large, you can also use the popup contact selection wizard to pick the contact of interest export_icon&16. Select the contact’s email in the popup and click OK to get the contact id.

Limit – using a limit of 0 will download all activity for the contact. You can limit the number by entering a value.

Since – If you are only interested in more recent items, you can use this option to pick a start date or time period (relative to today).