Bulk Queries

The Bulk Query wizard in the GA Pro connector was created before Quick Queries were added to the Core Add-in. The purpose was to expose a user-editable query configuration worksheet so more-advanced users could edit individual query parameters manually. That functionality is now possible by using Quick Queries. The Bulk Query remains in the connector for backward compatibility.

The Bulk Query is actually a request to run multiple queries, so the ‘output’ of the request is simply a Message telling you how many queries ran. The output of the individual GA queries are placed elsewhere.

For example, a Bulk Query is placed in cell A1, and it contains 2 GA queries: the first query writes the results to cell D1, and the second query writes the results to cell D6. Notice that cell A1 contains the “results” of the bulk query function, not one of the actual GA queries.

In the Bulk Query wizard, it would appear like this when it is ready. You click +New Query to add a GA query to the list.

By default, the wizard will create a new worksheet called “Query Configuration” that holds the parameters of the individual queries. If you want to use a different worksheet for the configuration, it must exist before you start the Bulk Query wizard.

Adding A Query

Queries are added to the Bulk Query by clicking the +New Query button in the wizard. You must enter a name and location (where the results of that GA query are to be written).

Select a view to be reported on, then add it to the list on the right side.

One feature that Bulk Query provides that is missing from the other query wizard is the ability to pick multiple Views (Core Add-in user can do something similar using range names).

The rest of the tabs for the query configuration are similar to the regular Google Analytics Reporting query tabs.

When you finish with one query, click the Save/Run button — the individual query will be saved and run, writing the results of that GA query to the location specified.

Then you return to the main Bulk Query wizard where you can add another query.

Running The Bulk Query

When you click the Save Bulk Query button, the actual Bulk Query itself is saved and run, which then runs all of the individual GA queries as defined in the Query Configuration worksheet, and then a Message will be written summarizing the number of queries actually run.


If you find all of this confusing, then just use the regular GA Reporting queries in Quick Queries. Most of the functionality is the same and it is all much easier to use.